• Ofir Mizrahi

    Ofir Mizrahi

    Mr. Mizrahi's experience is based on years of intensive and close work with both Indian and Israeli companies of various capacities. His main focus is promoting transfer of technology and innovation from Israel to South East Asia.

    Ofir offers a unique combination of knowledge and experience in both South East Asian cultural etiquette and business world.

    Being an India specialist, Ofir is designing and teaching educational programs, such as: "A taste of India", "Introduction to India" and "Hindi for Businessmen", courtesy of the Israel-Asia Chamber of commerce.

    Ofir holds a B.A. degree in Sociology and Anthropology/Asian Studies from TAU, including the study of Hindi, as well as M.B.A degree in Global Business Administration. 

  • Erez Tsalik

    Erez Tsalik

    Head of India Desk at SIT International

    Mr. Tsalik is a senior facilitator that facilitates in all of SITs applications and is also an expert in Conflict Resolution and Co-Opetition applications. 

    He has conducted projects with scores of leading international clients including Disney, Airtel, Kraft, Siemens, Molex, OCBC, BP, HP and Tnuva, and has deep experience working in developing markets, and with social and environmental organizations.

    Erez is frequently invited as a keynote speaker to conferences around the world. He is a lead presenter in the area of creativity and innovation, and lectures in leading academic institutes worldwide, including Columbia University, London Business School, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Tel Aviv University.

    At TED India (2009), Erez ran an innovation workshop as part of the TED University.

  • Anjana Dalal

    Mrs. Dalal worked as an Associate in the Membership Deptt. of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry) New Delhi. Her job responsibilities included Data interpretation, analysis and creating brand value for the organization. 

    Prior to that, she worked in telecom companies Vodafone, as a Customer Service Associate and Airtel, as Customer Relationship Officer. 

    Anjana is a business graduate with Bachelor and Master degrees from prestigious universities in India. Her Academic work was focused on studying the ‘Effectiveness of Advertising Messages’ and of the ‘Internal Customer-Supplier Relationship within an Organization’.