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  • Guy D. Kahan

    Mr. Kahan is a Senior Advisor and a Project Manager in A&G Partners.

    Guy has been the Chief – Legal & Corporate Affairs/Director of Control & Legal Affairs/Co-Director, Commercial – of Tower Vision India Pvt. Ltd. for approximately four years. Tower Vision is a leading infrastructure provider for the Indian Telecom Sector, currently owning and operating more than 8,000 telecom Sites across India, and a projected market value of more than US $700M. 
    Guy joined Tower Vision India in May 2007 – at that time a startup company with a portfolio of less than 400 sites in 3 telecom circles and limited financial resources – and was granted with a unique opportunity to take a significant part of its outstanding growth story. 

    Throughout the years Guy have become very well acquainted with the significant and unique issues relating to the country’s industry, commerce, politics, social structure and geography, which all together shape and define the way people are doing business is India. 

    Guy holds a B. Sc. degree in International Business from California State University as well as a law degree from the Israeli College of Management.

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    Dr. Chandrashekhar Prabhu

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