About A&G Partners

A&G Partners Group which stands for Acceleration and Growth, has been established in 2002 with the purpose of helping organizations in achieving effective business results through systematic application of business and market knowledge via our affiliations in Israel, India and Sri Lanka

A&G Partners Group is leveraging the extensive relationships and cultural knowledge of both India and Israel to accelerate businesses.   Our significant value proposition includes:

We understand India, its strengths and its challenges. In the last 30 years, the principles of A&G Partners Group have not only helped a number of large organizations in India to operate more effectively and conduct business worldwide but also each of our directors have operated successful companies in India in diverse sectors, ranging from manufacturing to hi-tech industry. Our people bring the unique distinction of not being just business consultants, but also key players in the Indian corporate sector. We have time and again successfully tackled Indian regulations, overcome cultural and labor issues, and managed the special challenges of working in India. By virtue of our experience, we provide deep practical insights which will enable you to be successful in India.                                   

We are sensitive to Israeli culture and way of working. We have deep business relationship in Israel, have advised a number of clients and  partners and executed many projects for Israeli private and public sector clients. We understand the Israeli way of working, work ethics, and have knowledge of laws and regulations in the country. We are committed to increasing Indo-Israel investments and developing successful business in both countries. We have dedicated offices and partners based out of India and Israel who bring in working knowledge of industry which is a significant factor in ensuring successful cross-border ventures.

We are familier with the Israeli IT industry. Israel, being a hub of technology and innovation is a source for technologies in all sectors. We have successfully scouted technologies for our international clients through our close relations with the Israeli technology community and support organizations. 

We are committed to partners we work with. Our association with companies in India and Israel has resulted in extremely successful ventures in both countries. In Israel, we represent the Corporate Strategy arm of one of the largest conglomerates in India- Aditya Birla Group which is a 35 Billion dollar enterprise and ICICI Venture, the PE arm of India’s largest private bank. In India, we represent a number of Israeli companies in the areas of real estate, homeland security, technology and innovation. Our association is driven by strong sense of commitment, drive for successful business, and transparency.

We are backed by a resource team of highly motivated individuals who are experts in their respective domains right from business consulting, business management, and regulations.We are also backed by a group of professionals that are working with us in the fields of legal, accounting, tax advisory, shipping and customs, marketing, manpower and all the reuiqred services which are vital to the success of our partners.